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  • Tarot Terapeutico + Reiki +Formula Floral
  • Tiempo estimado terapia 2 Horas por sesión.
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  • Tarot Terapeutico + Reiki +Formula Floral
  • Tiempo estimado terapia 2 Horas por sesión.

La programación de cada terapia esta sujeta a confirmaciones con previa reserva del 50% del valor de cada paquete o ritual, según disponibilidad.

Para mas información o consultas puedes comunicarte a traves de WathsApp +56958890977

It is important to follow these recommendations to be able to perform this therapy, this in order to centralize and focus our energy on the purpose to work in the session. Detoxification with Kambo Amazon + Tarot + Floral medicine Estimated time therapy 3 hours per session. A) Make a preparation 3 days before therapy this consists of: -Have sexual abstinence (to concentrate energy on the purpose) -Do not consume meats, dairy products, consume alcohol or drugs. (to tune physical and energy depuration before therapy) Note: last meal last day hopefully at 10 pm at the most. B) On day 4, attend fasting therapy with a minimum of 6 hours. Once in the consultation, the water will be taken and the medicine will be applied, small burns are made on the skin, the poison is applied which lasts around 10 maxima in the body. -The general symptoms experienced are: dizziness, impulsive urge to vomit and evacuate through the bathroom, sweat of the whole body, rise in pressure controlled by breathing. -Once the medicine is removed from the burns and the person already stabilized vomit is derived to a rest section for recovery. -The therapy is individual, where assisted absolutely in the whole process. C) After the application of the therapy on days 5, 6 and 7 continue with the recommendations of the first 3 initial days (This is to take care and maintain the energy of the kambo as much as possible, so it is better make an observation of a before the therapy) D) Bring to the session: -4 liters of purified mineral water without gas. -Vent as comfortable as possible -To bring a change of emergency clothes (Pants, scuba, skirt, underwear. .Etc) -Bring fruit for after recovery (For example: orange, apple, banana)
What is the Kambo? Kambô is Medicine that cleanses and purifies the body, levels and aligns the chakras, works in three fields: physical, mental - emotional and spiritual. Acts in subtle bodies, perception in general, intuition dreams, the third vision the unconscious blockages that impede the flow of vital energy.
Kambô is the name given to the secretion of an arborifera frog whose scientific name is "Phyllomedusa bicolor". It is used to be free of Panema (name given to negative things, laziness, fatigue) and as a powerful medicine against malaria, snake bites, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases. Benefits The Kambô awakens the body's organs, the endocrine system, and defense systems by returning to their natural balance. With Kambô Medicine there is the opportunity to awaken the body in its natural potency. People who regularly receive this "vaccine" do not get sick and have a lot of energy. Restoring the natural balance avoids the appearance of ailments induced by different viruses. Even cancer does not have the opportunity to grow, in some cases. Changes occur in the physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional fields of the patient, the sensation is of cleanliness, lightness, tranquility, well-being, inner peace and deepening of consciousness. Look of Science Kambô contains peptides such as Dermorfina and Deltorfina (natural analgesics such as morphine, but much more effective), which reinforces the effect on the immune system and cause the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Kambô has antibiotic properties that are beneficial thereby strengthening through the production of antibodies in the immune system and for the whole body. Kambô penetrates the circulation of blood and increases the production of red blood cells and platelets. In addition, Kambô has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Among the several dozens of peptides found in the Kambo, around 7% are bio-active [GONMAN]. These bind to receptors located in the brain causing chemical reactions in the human body. So far researchers have found nine bioactive peptides that have a potent effect on the gastrointestinal muscles, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation, and stimulation of the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland. SWEAT OF A FROG The Kambô is the sweat of a Phyllomedusa bicolor frog that lives in some parts of the Amazon jungle, used by the NOKE KUI Indians since its emergence as a village 2000 years ago. Legend has it that since its emergence as a people, the Kambô has been its remedy for the ills that affect its health by living in a tropical climate within the jungle of the Amazon. The main use of the Kambô by the NOKE KUI Indians was to go hunting because after the application of Kambô to enter the forest (jungle) it was safe to return with food for their people. The Kambô takes people out of Panema (laziness), from fatigue, from lack of energy for work, the Kambô expels the Panema from the organism.
IMPORTANT! Download the forms and present them at the time of attending the respective therapies.

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